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Benefits of Converting Videos to Mp3

Posted on 2017-05-16  in youtube to mp3 conversion

Since the introduction of iPod in the early 2000’s MP3 players have become the most commonly used portable digital audio format. Mp3 player, also referred to as MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3 has surprised many with its unrivaled ability to allow music to be greatly compressed with zero loss or interference of sound quality. Mp3 players have numerous advantages over other audio and video storage devices. This is despite the fact that new other file formats are being invented. This is actually the reason why even audio and video converting software are using it to boost their service popularity. Here are the salient benefits of converting videos to mp3.

MP3 player

Huge storage capacity

MP3 players have huge storage capacity in comparison to other storage devices like CDs. This makes it more suitable to store numerous videos that might not fit on most devices like a CD. Some mp3 storage devices have huge storage capacities enough to hold innumerable videos. You can also convert videos to mp3 format from online video providers like youtube by using a free youtube to mp3 conversion software and play the audio on your mp3 player. Another remarkable quality of mp3 huge storage capacity is that it’s easy to delete videos. This means that the user has more free space at any time anywhere so long as old or unwanted videos can be deleted. The sound quality is never sacrificed no matter how many times you erase and store a video. This is something missing with other storage mediums such as re-writable Cassette discs.

Easier of transportation

Another major benefit of the mp3 storage device is that it’s very portable. This makes it convenient for those who are fond of watching videos when they are traveling, on vacation or spending some time away from home. One mp3 storage device with only a few grams of weight is enough to store countless videos. Also, mp3 don’t require special container even when to be transported in bulk thus making them ideal for video storage and subsequently transportation. Additionally, MP3 don’t have to skip or jump on playback. It’s pretty easy to connect to an auxiliary jack or to a docking station and watch your favorite video without using earphones.


One admirable quality of MP3’s is that they are sturdy and long lasting thus they can withstand a pounding than most of the storage devices. This quality eliminates the worry of breakage or scratching making the device very convenient for video storage. Videos stored in an mp3 storage device can be used for unforeseen future time and is thus one of the most recommended video storage devices.

Ease of use

MP3There is no storage device that’s easier to use than MP3. This is beside the fact that it’s mp3’s are capable of holding an entire collection of videos just at fingertips. Thus, this saves on the time that could have been spent looking for a given video through several CDs. Also, MP3’s allow one to customize specific videos in so that the same can be easily accessed within no time. In a nutshell, you don’t need any special skill or training to know how to handle mp3.

Economical and Environmentally Friendly

Finally, another benefit of converting videos to mp3 is that it is almost zero e-waste emission as little carbon is being emitted into the environment. The method is also extremely cheaper in the long run.

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