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Coffee making equipment – What are the essentials?

Posted on 2017-11-26  in Coffee

If you want to start your day with a good cup of coffee or tea or open a successful coffee shop business, you will need proper coffee equipment. However, you will quickly discover that this equipment can be a bit pricey. While you can find some cheap machines, keep in mind that these devices are not advanced enough to produce quality brew. Therefore, aside from making sure to find a reliable coffee and tea wholesaler, you also need to make sure you find quality and reliable coffee makers, as well as other equipment.

Consider your requirements and needs

To start your coffee business, you will definitely need espresso makers and coffee machines. Before you make your purchase, you need to do some planning. First of all. take into consideration the types of people your business will cater to. If you plan on catering your business to the high-end market, you will have to make some additional expenses, so as to get a more advanced tech for making a quality brew. On the other hand, if you plan on prioritizing quantity over quality and serving huge crowds, you will need to find the equipment capable of brewing coffee or tea quickly and in large amounts.

Bean Grinders

In addition, you will also need a number of bean grinders. While you can save some money by opting to grind coffee beans on your own, instead of purchasing them pre-ground, using a grinder to grind fresh beans will always result in a better coffee. Keep in mind that freshly ground coffee tastes much better than coffee made from beans that were ground days before brewing. Your best option would be to purchase espresso grinders and heavy duty industrial coffee grinders. If you expect large crowds in your shop, make sure to look for the equipment that can grind large amounts of beans on a continuous basis.

Refilling stations and thermal pots

Next up, if you intend to provide a self-service refilling station, you will probably have to get a hold of a number of thermal pots. Additionally, you could also use milk pots, as well. Doing this will save your employees plenty of time, given how they will not have to attend to these matters, but instead focus more on the customers and their orders. Keep in mind that there are also plenty of customers who prefer getting the milk or refilling their coffees on their own, instead of waiting for a waiter to do that. Since these pots are designed to serve a very basic need, you will not have to buy some advanced or expensive equipment.

Freezers and Chillers

coffee makerIn order to store chill cold drinks and milk, your coffee business will also need a couple of chillers. In addition to these, freezers might also be needed, as well. In most cases, an industrial cooling system is the most important component, since it can keep the items cool and chill. If you intend to run a rather small coffee business, you will be just fine with a normal sized freezer, like the one you probably have in your home.

As you can see, equipping you coffee shop business with proper machines is not that difficult. All of these devices can be easily found on the market and bought. However, in order to find the equipment that will suit your business the best, be sure to take your time and not rush your purchase.

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Month: November 2017


Hi-tech ways to lose weight

Posted on 2017-11-16  in Health

Many people have struggled with losing weight for a long time now. Dieting and exercising have been used for a long time as the main ways of losing the extra body weight. They both require a lot of self-discipline and dedication, which not many people have. If done incorrectly, you may suffer severe side effects. Technology is trying to bring better solutions to the problem of obesity or body overweight. You can now take advantage of technology to lose extra weight safely and effectively. Below are a few of the ways in which technology can be used to lose weight.

Losing weight using tech

Ultrasound melting

Technology has made it possible to use ultrasound to kill fat cells. A procedure known as UUltrasound meltingltrashape, which is non-surgical and painless, is what is used to destroy fat cells permanently ultrasound. The procedure has been used in various countries across the world such as Canada for quite some time now, and more countries are approving it as a safe weight loss method. It requires three separate sessions that are roughly two weeks apart for the entire procedure to be complete. It is mainly used for reducing fat on the belly or mid-section of the body. However, not everyone is eligible for the procedure. You must be able to pinch at least one inch of fat at the midsection of your body. The doctor will then take various measurements such as your BMI and determine if you are a good candidate.

Gene suppression

Scientist discovered that there is a gene which can suppress obesity. Through genetic mutation, you can get to have the gene and do away with all the worries of getting overweight. It will allow you to eat as much as you want, irrespective of the type of food, and not gain any significant weight. The gene mutation process has not been established yet, but scientists are working hard to ensure that we can be able to enjoy the benefits soon.

Cold vest

Cold vestResearch shows that you burn more calories by simply feeling cold. This is because the body burns more calories to be able to generate more heat energy that will keep you warm. A vest has been developed, which can alter the surface temperature of your body. It tricks your body into burning more calories and thus, losing more weight. On its own, the vest may not be very effective. You need to combine it with other weight loss techniques. Dieting comes highly recommended for this. The ketogenic type of diet will particularly work best.

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