Making up a significant portion of the various online video sharing site is the type of videos known as tutorials. Many people prefer to learn through video tutorials because they are very easy to follow along and are more practical. Also, people like them because they are free. But the one thing o note of is that many students these days prefer to find a video and learn from it rather than spend hours trying to learn.

The learning process

To understand, why, you have to look back at how we humans learned in the past. The way that people were able to learn was by observation, where fathers taught their children through demonstration, making it easier for them to learn and understand. Now that you have the basics of why online video tutorials are preferred by most let’s take a brief look at some of the other benefits that they provide.

Why people prefer video tutoring

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The thing that appeals to most people about video tutoring is the hands-on approach that is taken. Unlike a traditional lecture, you do not have to sit around and take notes, and using the lecturer’s explanation to understand what is being talked about. For example, in a video tutorial that is talking about fixing a computer issue, the instructor can take a few minutes explaining the process using visual assistants, and after the explanation is finished, a real demonstration can be shown. This makes it very easy to understand and remember.


When a person receives an explanation from a fellow human being, they get motivated compared to reading directly from books. Often when someone is reading a book, it takes a lot of effort to get motivated compared to when you are receiving explanation directly from a person, especially when you can see them. This makes learning more interesting and productive, hence the importance of video tutoring.

Affordable delivery

With video tutoring, it belnslkdvnlksndkvlnskdlvnlksndvsadvcomes very easy to distribute the learning material. Unlike books, which have to be printed, videos can be made edited and uploaded on the internet so that anyone that requires them can easily access them. It even becomes very easy to learn because they can be carried using portable electronic devices and used to study on the go. This makes learning a fun process for everyone to undertake at their convenience, without having to spend a lot.


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