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The Essential Features to Look for in a Security Camera System

Posted on 2020-03-10  in Home Safety

A security camera system can alert you when an intruder is trespassing your property. And it can also help you with the insurance claim and lawsuits, just in case you experience any loss. Unlike in the past decade, where CCTVs or security camera systems were luxury and cumbersome, today’s technological development has made this countermeasure affordable. You only need to learn how to pick the right one for you. 

Therefore, we’re going to discuss what the essential features are in a security camera system.

Gadget Compatibility

security camera buttonYou may be surprised why we discuss gadget compatibility first. The reason for that is due to our lifestyle now. Our life has become inseparable from smartphones, tablets, and the Internet. An outdated security camera system that is not compatible with those gadgets will be utterly useless because you can’t get real-time access to the video footage. 

You may not need that feature now, but during emergencies like a building fire and robbery, the sooner you can see what happens, the more likely you are to avoid a costly loss. Therefore, you should check if the security camera system you choose can be accessed flawlessly through your smartphone, laptop, and other gadgets. 

HD Resolution

Security cameras are supposed to capture videos with HD resolution, or they may not be useful at all for your property’s protection. That is because you will rely on the visual footage only for identifying a suspected person. In the US, for instance, recording people’s conversations without them consenting is illegal, even if you consider them as potential criminals. Therefore, get security cameras that have 1080 p resolution. 

Night Vision

Since crimes often happen at night, when the visual is poor and limited, you’d better buy security cameras that have a night vision feature. They may cost you more, indeed. But if you have valuable goods in your property, spending a little bit more money on the security measure is more reasonable than losing the products. 

Weather Resistance

outdoor cctv camerasThis feature is exclusive to outdoor security cameras. Always bear in mind that if the price of the cameras is too good to be true, the chances are that they may have issues once extreme weather strikes. Your camera system must work under the heaviest rain, snow, and even hail.

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